We love helping Schools raise tons of money!

Even if you are new to fundraising, Your Cup Counts will support your efforts to organize, run, and finish a very successful fundraiser for your school.  We work with:

  • Public Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Day Cares

  • University Groups – Everything from Division 1 Sports teams to private college civic clubs!

  • Charter Schools

Our program is Free and makes the highest profit per sale in the industry…your buyers will love the products because they already buy them on a weekly basis (Over 60% of Americans drink coffee weekly!).

PLUS your school gets the valuable benefit of receiving a monthly check from online re-orders after the initial face-to-face campaign!  That’s money your teachers and leaders didn’t have to work for!

We will provide you with all the material, resources, and training that you need to have your most successful fundraiser ever.

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