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VicksMix Goes Global–The World Race

Travel the world. Serve people. Love people. In Jesus' Name. #11n11
Vickie Pantle
Missions-Short Term
date launched:December 4th 2017

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Project Description
I'M GOING ON THE WORLD RACE!!! I'll be traveling to 11 different countries in 11 months time. Ya'll KNOW I am obsessed with coffee, so what better way to help fund my trip than to sell it?! God has very clearly shown me that this is my next step in life, and I'm so excited to go abroad and meet incredible people and serve them in some of the biggest ways. This will be such an incredible and once in a lifetime experience. So thankful of this opportunity! It has been such a wild journey up to applying for the World Race, and I would love to share more of that with you! Let's meet up for coffee!
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