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[i have stopped fearing the breaking of hearts, of homes, of dreams. For when they're broken something utterly, completely, hauntingly beautiful can be built from their pieces. --NoorUnnahar]

You get a strange feeling when you start to leave a place. It's more than missing the people, the culture, the adventure. You start missing the person you are at that exact moment, knowing you'll never be this way again.
In 2013, I had the opportunity to serve the Malagasy people through a pharmacy-based medical mission. I've been dreaming of the opportunity to go back ever since I stepped foot on the plane bringing me back to Atlanta. It took a year of brokenness for the stars to align, but the time has finally come.

I'm looking to raise a big chunk of the funds through a coffee fundraiser. If this isn't your typical cup of joe, prayers and good vibes are also needed and encouraged.

Graciously yours,
Erika Rylee
Missions-Short Term
date launched:January 2nd 2018

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