Create Great Graphics on Canva

How to create stunning graphics for your campaign


Our favorite free graphics app is Canva.  Here is a quick step-by-step guide to making great images for your campaign page on Canva.


Create your size:

On the Canva home screen, click “Use Custom Dimensions” and enter a size below (depending on which type of image you want to create)

How to create custom dimensions in Canva

  • Campaign Page image – 800px x 450px
  • Facebook Post image – 1200px x 630px
  • Instagram image – 108opx x 1080px
  • Want to see a cheat sheet for all social media image sizes?  Click Here


Make it pop!

This is where it gets fun!  You can play around with the Layout, Filters, and Fonts easily in Canva.   Caution: don’t get too cute…simpler is usually the best option!

  • Create a stunning layout.  Choose “Layouts” from the left toolbar.  Full page is the default layout but you can use any of the layouts they give you.  The benefit of using Layouts is that you can drag and drop your image into the layout frame and Canva will automatically make it fit!
  • Edit for power and emotional connection. Use the Filters to make the image look amazing.  These are similar to Instagram filters.

Canva 3


  • Use minimal text. It’s always tempting to overdo your pictures because you are so excited about them.   However, for the images that show up on your campaign page, we recommend that you present beautiful pictures of real life people and scenes without using a lot of text on the image.  Make the picture speak for itself.


What if you don’t have great pics?

Are your pictures poor quality or non-existent?  Here are a couple steps you can take to post good pics:

  1. Contact the organization you are serving with and ask them to provide you with recent pics of their work so that you can promote your campaign.
  2. Use a picture of yourself as one of your pics in your campaign.  This may be hard for you, but remember that your supporters are supporting YOU not the mission.  Putting a pic of you (especially if it’s of you serving somewhere!) is very powerful.
  3. You can download pics from the organization’s website or social media if you know they would not mind.
  4. As a last resort, you can get pics from resources on the internet.  On particularly great place is but make sure you have free use of any pics you pull from the internet.


Finishing up

When finished editing your pictures you will need to download it.  Here’s how to get it right…

  1. Click “Download” in top right corner
  2. Choose “JPG” from you options
  3. Click the “Download” button under JPG and it will save to your computer.

Downloading from Canva