The Blessing of Ordinary: Faithful Living in the Every Day – Day 3


Scriptures: 1 Samuel 13:14, 17:1-21, Matthew 6:33


On the surface, David versus Goliath is a story that seems to go against our theme: Isn’t David killing Goliath one of the best examples of a radical faith, where a person does a seemingly impossible thing for God’s glory? Yes, at first glance, this story seems to say nothing about us unknown and unglamorous folks plodding along washing dirty dishes, mowing lawns, and wiping dusty living rooms…

But let’s examine David’s morning…

He woke up very early.

He made arrangements with a neighbor to take care of his sheep.

He loaded up his vehicle with cheese and bread.

Lastly, he went on a road trip to deliver his father’s gifts to his older brothers who were fighting with King Saul against the hated Philistines.

Nothing glamorous or amazing in any of that.

And no prayers asking God to make him the eternally famous David the Giant Slayer.

David didn’t wake up with Goliath on his mind. He woke up to honor his dad and be a delivery boy who carried bread and cheese. The famous story of David versus Goliath happened because of faithfulness with everyday items like bread and cheese.

God had weighed David’s motives and knew the young man sought His own heart. One of the foundational secrets to enjoying peace in the everyday is to seek God, not giants.

Jesus shared this truth when he told us to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. Our hearts should pursue the kind of relationship David had with God instead of seeking the sensational and spectacular.

When we daydream about the “great things” we could be doing for God, we miss the beauty of His Kingdom already around us and our lives become marked by resentment rather than reverence.

God hasn’t asked you to kill Goliath today, but the Lord does want you to be gentle with your words, or patient with your sibling, or honest on your taxes. And unless there’s a chopped up bull on an altar in your living room, you’re not expected to call down fire from heaven either.

I know that it sounds contrary to so many things you’ve heard, and we’ll address it in the next few devotions…but for now:

Seek God, not giants.

written by Matt Orth |

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