Writing Compelling Headlines for Fundraising

Get Your Story Straight!

Today we want to introduce you to really helpful tools that will help you tweak your campaign and make it most effective.

First – Take a minute to read our training called “8 Steps to Crush It with Your Cup Counts”

Now, let’s focus on Step 1 and 2 “Tell a Compelling Story” and “Emphasize the Life Change“.

In our experience, a weak and generic statement that basically says “we need your money or else something bad may happen” is the #1 reason that fundraisers FAIL.  We want to help you rise above the mediocre and fly in the stratosphere of fundraising success!

When you have finished this article, you will be better prepared and will have crafted a more compelling and unforgettable reason for people to support you.

Think about the last time you supported someone or something with your hard earned money.  What was the REAL REASON you gave your money?  Was it because they had an awesome graphic or because the website was trendy?  I know that when I look at our reasons to help someone it is rarely because of externals.  Instead, we are compelled to give because we feel that our gift will help create a better world.  You know that a logo doesn’t mean anything if the money doesn’t help other people.  Deep down we all crave that our gifts change people’s lives!

Go ahead and go to the Your Cup Counts campaign you set up.  Click on the page and let’s look at a few things to see if they could be a little better at telling your compelling story.

1.  How Strong is your Campaign Title?  

Your title is the first written tool you have to draw people in and make them interested.   Take a minute and brainstorm 5 quick ways to re-phrase the focus/goal of your campaign.  Write them down.  Now choose the best one and make it the new title to your campaign.


2.  Read through what you wrote to describe your campaign. Ask yourself…

  • How could I paint a more vivid picture of what we are raising money for?

  • How could I paint that picture FASTER and CLOSER to the beginning of my text so that people will be more engaged quicker?  (Hint: don’t put your generic mission statement as the first paragraph of your text…focus in on the Compelling Reason and the Life Change will come if you receive the $$$ you need.

  • Is it realistic to think that most people will read more than 50% of all the text I’ve written?

Professional copyrighters know that people are pretty lazy unless they are fully engaged.  Don’t pressure yourself to write a small novel…your goal should be to give them just enough, but not way too much.

You’ve now taken some critical steps to helping your supporters better understand and connect emotionally with your campaign.

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