Custom Landing Page

Follow these steps to setup your Personal Landing Page

(A valuable tool for raising money!)


What is the Personal Landing Page?

One of the tools that Your Cup Counts provides each person or group who raises money with us is a Personal Landing Page.  This page is a simple to use, customizable  page that is unique to each person or group.  You can direct your supporters to it using your custom landing page link URL that is created and stored automatically in your Affiliate Dashboard.    Simply distribute the link to your supporters so that they can come and support you with their coffee purchase.


Access your Landing Page

  1. Login to your Affiliate Dashboard (http://localhost/yccold/affiliate-area/)
  2. Scroll to bottom—your Landing Page is in the “Pages” Box:  Your Landing Page Link URL can be copied and pasted into your email or social media



How to Edit your Landing Page

  1. Click the green box that says “Click Here to Edit Info”:  this will bring you to the page below where you can edit text and add a picture or logo


Make sure you save the changes you make by clicking the “Save Information” button.  You can check your work by clicking on your landing page link (under “Performance and Statistics” in the affiliate navigation bar on the right of your screen)

Some Helpful Tools:

  • The image you insert will automatically be scaled to 200 pixels wide and a proportionate height.
  • You may not know HTML code but it is super easy to do some neat things.   Here is a quick list of the common codes you can use.

<b>Makes Text Bold</b>
<i>Makes Text Italics</i>
<br> creates a line break just like pushing “Enter” on your keyboard

Of course there is alot you can do with HTML.  If you want a reference for more HTML, check out Basics of HTML Code


Sample Page:  This is the basic layout without any HTML  (Note, if you don’t have any custom products, the bottom area will be pre-populated automatically with various coffees and other products that are popular.)

sample landing page